Camino Day 24: Calzada de Valdunciel to Villanueva de Campeán

Stereotypes be damned, our German bunk mates were not very punctual this morning. So, as usual, Mikey counted it as a win since he was not the last to set out this morning.

This was the creek over which we crossed this morning. As it was just 7:30 am, we caught a beautiful sunrise that was to be our highlight of the day.

The way was marked, but signs such as these were often few and far between, leading the worrisome pilgrim to wonder whether he had made the correct turn for quite some time.

We also passed a few beautifully simple village churches. This one seems to have been repurposed as a rooster weathervane has replaced the standard cross.

This section of the Via de la Plata is thus far pretty boring. As it leads close by a highway, there is noise pollution coupled with the absence of shade.

Our saving grace today was meeting a couple of Canadian hikers from Ottawa. They were great walking partners and (more importantly) conversationalists. These flat expanses have really taken a mental toll on Mikey and today’s conversation helped us significantly.

Oh, here’s one for you – we’re out of pictures. Yep, the conversation was so refreshing that our intrepid photographer negated his responsibility regarding documentation and just enjoyed the walk. Well, we got to the town, did laundry, had dinner, and even made new acquaintances over dinner tonight. But – the camera stayed put and we have little to show you of this day.

Please forgive us, dear reader, but understand that we will try harder to bring you photographic examples of our experiences while still attempting to live in these moments. As such (spoiler alert), we’ll just have to post a bunch of pictures from our upcoming time Zamora. If that’s agreeable, let’s chat then. Buenas.

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