Fin: Home-Away and Back to LA

Here goes the last installment of our Camino blog:

Following a return to the States on the 25th of July, we stopped by the family cabin in the North Georgia mountains.


Here’s a shot of the cabin in the woods. Yeah, it’s pretty desolate, but what would you like for a time away, right? Honestly, Mikey was really excited about a chance to relax, see his parents, grandmother, sister, and brother-in-law before returning to the daily grind at work in Los Angeles.


Perhaps this is a reflective pose? Standing on the front steps, he’s actually admiring all the hard work Frank and Nancy have put into this mountain home. (Any chance he can use this as a writing cabin, y’all?!)


Is that an udderly famous mug?! Yep, Mikey got a swig from the infamous mug which was left by the previous owners. Cracks and all, it’s a fun mug that is kinda out of use now.
Here’s a picture with Mom. She’s really the reason that Mikey keeps doing what he does. Many years ago, Mikey asked Nancy if he could move to Spain to complete his Junior year of high school. She acquiesced on the condition that he raised the money for a foreign exchange program on his own. Well, he did and Mom has always met him at the airport for all his comings and goings. SHE-IS-A-ROCK. Thanks, Mom – you are always there for me and on my mind.


Mikey’s hiking companion from last year has transitioned into a 4×4 driver by now. No, that’s a bit of a joke. Frank (Mikey’s dad) brought his prized Bulldog to explore the local mountains, but the weather didn’t cooperate this trip.

Still, Mikey found an indoor tractor at Mercier’s Orchard on which to pose for a fun picture.

Don’t even ask about this one!

We had a few fun days in the mountains and even checked out this amazing seafood restaurant called Mike’s. (From left to right: Mikey, Dad, Grandma, Kerry (sister), and Eric (Kerry’s better half). Thanks, Mom, for taking the photo!


Finally, a tired Mikey posed with his mom at the Atlanta airport before catching his last flight back to Los Angeles. It sure has been an adventure, but we’re happy to go home now.


Hello, bluebird! Thanks for the free 2 checked bags to transport Mikey and all his STUFF back to LA!


So, let’s re-cap a bit so that you can see the final statistics for a “Camino Walkabout.”

Mikey headed out from Irun, Spain, near the border of France on June 9, 2017. He arrived in Santiago de Compostela on July 12, 2017. These 33 days included a few for rest, but the above Fitbit chart proves that he did it! Let’s break it down for you:

-1,417,690 steps averages out to 42,960 steps per day.

-627 miles averages to 19 miles per day.

-5,267 floors averages to 160 floors per day, 1,600 feet climbed in daily elevation, or 10 miles throughout the duration of the hike.

-171,706 calories burned equates to 5,203 per day.
Still, the entire 48 days in Europe began in Paris, realized 33 days on the actual trail, and included 4 days in Porto,  3 in Lisbon,  and a final 3 day sojourn in Madrid. If we do the same math:

Mikey’s totals for the entire 48 day trip are as follows:

-1,797,086 steps or 37,439 steps per day.

-794 miles or 16.5 miles per day.

-6,129 floors or 61,290 feet total, averaging 129 floors or 1,290 feet climbed per day. (That’s 11.6 miles!)

-230,555 calories in total averages out to a daily burn of 4,803 calories.
WOW. Yep, this actually surprised Mikey, too. But, as you’ve seen in his many food and drink posts, he ate whatever he wanted for the duration of the vacation! Hence, the Camino is not exactly the weight-loss program of the century. Still, it proved to trim him up a little “around the edges.”
So, what’s next? Well, Frank has mentioned some interest inrevisiting Spain. Mikey is already looking into buying a backpacking tent and wants to explore more of Spain next year.


There are many roads to Santiago de Compostela. Above are the most historic paths and Mikey really wants to do the southern route along the “Via de la Plata.”


But, like the world, perhaps “Spain is my oyster!” With so many possibilities, you’ll just have to stay tuned for where the Camino takes Mikey next. Until then, ¡Buen Camino! and feel free to contact Mikey via this site on anything related to his adventures and yours. Hasta entonces.

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